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Empower Your Future

Unlock your digital entrepreurship skills
We are dedicated to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital age.


Methodological Framework and Digital Market Skills Ecosystem

aims to conduct a desk research and study circle to define a Methodological Framework and Digital Market Skills, it’s the foundation phase of the project.

DIGENYOU curriculum and model

will be conducted by all the partner countries to create curriculum outlines and the DigEnYou course content.

DIGENYOU methodology and piloting

is based on piloting a training model, with specific reference to objectives, recruitment and learning process, contents, schedule, timing.

DigEnYou Learning platform

aims to the creation of an online platform which will include the outcomes from "Methodological Framework and Digital Market Skills Ecosystem" and "DigEnYou curriculum and model".

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