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The Digenyou project has a number of goals, including increasing access to e-learning courses, encouraging digital entrepreneurship among young people, fostering social inclusion, improving access to the professional environment, and strengthening the role of training organisations, social workers, and career counsellors who work with young job seekers. In addition, there is a focus on increasing cooperation among education associations, addressing differences in the needs of young job seekers, encouraging innovation in training methods and tools, and strengthening digital literacy and entrepreneurship in response to limited labour market opportunities.

These goals are consistent with a larger purpose of promoting lifelong learning and equipping people for the digital age. Here are some methods or techniques for achieving these goals in the Digenyou project.

  • Developing user-friendly e-learning platforms with diversified material to accommodate various learning styles.
  • To allow a broader audience access, ensure compatibility with a variety of devices and internet speeds.
  • Creating inclusive curriculum design involves creating modules that correspond to the needs and interests of underrepresented groups, considering their various backgrounds and learning preferences with real-world examples and practical applications to increase relevance and engagement.
  • Collaboration with industries and labour market actors to encourage collaboration with businesses and sectors to provide insights into the current job market and practical experience through project span.

Mozaik İnsan Kaynakları Geliştirme Derneği

Mozaik is a non-profit that was established in 2010 in Samsun located in northern part of Turkey. Its establishment objectives are to enable disadvantaged groups living in the local area to integrate into cultural, professional and social fields and to promote relation between the disadvantaged groups including women, old people, disabled people, migrant and refugees and other groups from local and regional parts. The target group that is involved in our activities (local, regional and international initiatives/projects) consist of the ones who have no model to be able to recognize vocational and educational opportunities and need orientation to be successful in the educational and professional life eliminating barriers in different fields that prevent their integration into the society. The aim of our organization is to develop new innovative resources with/for that enable the target group we have been working to enhance their competences and skills for better professional educational and professional opportunities. Within this scope of this aim, we offer different courses, trainings and consultancies considering needs and expectation of young people who need specific orientation and assistance.

Moreover, Mozaik has also become accredited in ESC as sending, hosting and coordinator organization in 2011 and we are a Eurodesk Turkey Contact point for 1 year. As a Eurodesk Contact point, we offer some services in order to provide information on European opportunities in the fields of education and youth for young people and their participation in European activities, these services consist of organizing trainings and support services, organizing conferences, seminars and other activities, printing and distribution of sources and dissemination of information on the Youth in Action Program.

Mozaik incorporates:
• The staff who have broad experience in works aimed at disadvantaged young people,
• Volunteers from various fields (education, social services, etc.) in the local area,
• ESC volunteers that have common interest and motivation to get involved in the strategic planning of Mozaik.

In line with our strategic planning, we also cooperate with NGOs, public institutions (municipalities, governorship, counselling and research centre, public education centre, etc.), educational institutions and private companies at local and regional levels in order to reach our organisational objectives in a better and more effective way increasing the visibility of our organisational mission and vision and ensure quality standards in the projects. Through developing/pursuing strong cooperation with the local stakeholder and innovative approaches in our projects, our long-term aim is to call the society’s attention to disadvantaged groups’ obstacles and problems and cooperate with decision makers in order to take preventive and permanent solutions.

Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung Schober GmbH

Hafelekar (HAF) was founded in 2001. Hafelekar combines expertise in managerial, social and educational sciences. Customers are business companies, non-profit organisations as well as clients in the public sector. Hafelekar is mainly engaged in the following lines of business: Consulting, Research, Studies, Surveys, Evaluation, Validation of informal and non-formal learning, Development of (ICT) training models, Curricula design, Analysis of training needs, Vocational orientation, Career guidance, Process Management, EU-funded projects. A close cooperation exists with the University of Innsbruck (Department for Knowledge Organisation) in the area of qualitative social research. Hafelekar also cooperates with other Applied Universities in Austria. Furthermore Hafelekar is integrated in a dense network of VET and related institution and bodies. Hafelekar is very experienced in digital media production, distance and blended learning solutions, as we have high-level pedagogical experience and we cooperated in various projects developing different E-learning systems. Hafelekar has a very flexible organisation with a core team of 4 employees (project managers), together with part time back office administratives and around 10 to 15 freelancer working on different projects. Within our group we train around 100 executives and around 50 vocational trainers a year; in cooperation with applied Universities in Austria we train another 100 students.

Academy of Entrepreneurship Astiki Etaireia

The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, with an innovative and authentic character, trying to meet the new challenges of the modern labour market as its first priority. It has been founded in 2007 by the historical Educational Association of Athens "HFAISTOS".

Its aim is to create a healthier entrepreneurial environment on a national and European level and to support young people who wish to make their innovative entrepreneurial ideas come true. AKEP's main objective is the cultivation of the essential entrepreneurial attitude and transfer of the necessary knowledge to public and private organisations related to youth entrepreneurship.

For that reason, AKEP has been one of the Intermediary organisations in Greece for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme since 2012. This is a cross border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced ones running small businesses in other Participating Countries, since 2009. AKEP's role is to facilitate Greek entrepreneurs’ non-formal entrepreneurial learning experience throughout Europe and to connect experienced host entrepreneurs with new or aspiring entrepreneurs.

AKEP is an entrepreneurship ecosystem accelerator as it cultivates entrepreneurship and employability soft and technical skills, with focus on non-formal learning of entrepreneurial skills for public and private organisations and anyone involved in them (trainers of entrepreneurs). AKEP's vision is to accomplish the Global Sustainable Goals until 2030 in the best way possible through the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset in private and public organisations in Europe.

AKEP has been the national partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Greece since 2008. AKEP is also a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network, the Entrepreneur Envoy network, the European Association of Development Research and Training and the Euclid Network.

İŞKUR Çarşamba Hizmet Merkezi Müdürlüğü

Çarşamba Directorate of Labor and Turkish Employment Agency is a public institution which was established on 31.01.2019 and is affiliated with Samsun Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Agency and carries out all activities through cooperation with agencies in other districts of Samsun.

It provides on-the-job training programs, entrepreneurship training programs, vocational counselling and projects within the scope of active labor services to enable the unemployed living in the local area to gain new skills and competences to be involved in the labour market and meet demands of the employers that lead to decrease unemployment rates in the local area, in the long-term process. The services provided by Çarşamba Directorate of Labor and Turkish Employment Agency make contribution to controlling the effects of digital transformation in the local market, creating innovative job opportunities aimed at the unemployed in the local area, which is of great importance not only for individuals but also for public welfare. Moreover they offer the programs which are implemented to help unemployed people registered to agency to establish their own businesses. Moreover, Çarşamba Directorate of Labor and Turkish Employment Agency makes contribution to Türkiye Business Council's future by applying active labor market programs for the profession, on the other supporting business and professional consulting services to orientation people to the labour market.

In institution which employs around 3,500 people each year, over 1500 people are involved in On-the-Job Training Programs and around 500 receive various vocational training programs to participate in the labor market. The institution operates in district with a population of 280,000 with a special importance to the employment of young people. In regards to inclusion of NEET (young people not in education, employment or training) is 9th place from 185 units located in Türkiye. The institution holds organisation methodology to analyse needs and obstacles in the labour market and develop solutions needs and obstacles through various projects on the topic of employment with local partners and external stakeholders.

Yaygın Eğitim ve Gençlik Çalışmaları Derneği

Non-Formal Education and Youth Work Association is a non-governmental organization established in 2013 in Mugla. Our association carries out events, training, seminars and projects with the mission of delivering youth and volunteer work to large masses, spreading awareness of social responsibility and developing innovative non-formal education methods. Our aim is to enable young people to spend their free time efficiently and to popularize the use of non-formal education methods in their personal development processes.